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Trenbolone Side Effects – 5 Known Side Effects of Tren Steroids in 2020!

Trenbolone has been in the bodybuilding market for decades and considered the most powerful steroid because of its immediate results.

There was a time when Trenbolone was endorsed by so many steroid bloggers where they advised the first-timers to try it.

trenbolone side effects
5 trenbolone side effects you should avoid

The manufacturing of Trenbolone, unfortunately, ceased to happen in 1997 because of the risks it was offering to human health.

One of the best things about Trenbolone was its availability at a very affordable price.

These days it is hard to find Trenbolone unless you are in contact with a black market or a vet.

People do not use Trenbolone now for its side effects unlike Anabolic steroids, which work the same, but with a slight intensity, which is why they do not possess any kind of side effects.

With a super muscle boosting power the steroid is strictly given to the cattle only and that’s how they grow in size.

Let’s take a brief look at what Trenbolone really is and what makes it so powerful?

What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone is basically a muscle enhancing steroid which has 2 different kinds.

Trenorol – Trenbolone Alternative

Tren A and Tren E are two forms of Trenbolone which only differs in their chemical structure.

Tren A comes from Trenbolone acetate while Tren E means enanthate, the latter word is the ester attached to the structure of trenbolone which defines its mode, duration of action and the latency of side effects.

Tren A is the most used form of Trenbolone which has a shorter lifespan, but the effects are remarkable.

Due to its short lifespan and bioavailability, many bodybuilders takes the overdose to maintain its level.

Tren A that’s why offers more side effects than Trenbolone E which stays for a longer period in the body and has fewer side effects.

Gynecomastia is NOT Trenbolone’s Side Effect!

The majority of bodybuilders complain about the steroid use because the compound gets converted to estrogen in their body which then develops man-boobs.

Trenbolone Results
effects of trenbolone acetate and trenbolone enanthate

Well, this is not the case with Trenbolone since it doesn’t get converted into estrogen.

According to some experts, the formula of Trenbolone is 5-7 times more powerful than Testosterone in terms of potency which is why it is mostly demanded steroid of the whole time.

The dose of Trenbolone is relatively lower than most of the steroids because of its remarkable strength.

The usual dose of Trenbolone is 200 milligrams per week, which is taken by injection.

Some people take 500 mg for pushing their limits during the workout and to get instant results. see complete details on Trenbolone cycle before using it.

Then there are some who chooses to take 800-100 mg dose for the maximum results, but also the greater side effects.

The side effects associated with Trenbolone use can be quite unpleasant, you will begin to lose your hair and there might be lumps development of your body with other problems.

In short, you must be ready for these unpleasant consequences.

Some of the major side effects of Trenbolone are listed below.

1. Super-Oily Skin
Men's oily skin
Oily skin

One of the side effects of Trenbolone is it makes your skin oily.

It is a natural body process to produce oil by activating sebaceous glands in order to battle against skin and hair dryness.

When you take multiple doses of Tren it pushes your glands to produce an excessive amount of oil, more than you need.

After which your skin becomes sticky and eventually generate painful acne.

These pimples bring a hideous look on your face and body which are really big you see on the internet.

2. Roid Rage

The term is self-explanatory. You ever get the feeling when you want to sucker punch someone who is mildly getting on your nerves.

The roid rage is a feeling of anger comes from steroid use, which makes your brain under stress and a lot of pressure that you get pissed off at small things.

Some people reported excessive rage and emotional breakage when they stop taking it.

This is because the compound disrupts your brain chemistry and increase cortisone count, which is a hormone in stress.

3. Tren related Cough

Trenbolone is not available in oral form so you have to take it with an injection.

When you take Tren injection which is an oil-based formulation, after getting into the bloodstream your body identifies the excess amount of oil in your system and deliver it to the lungs so it would be coughed out.

Coughing is a natural process to eliminate the foreign contaminants; usually, the coughing induced by Tren is much more severe and sometimes occurs for a prolonged time period.

It is a common effect that you will get severe coughs after injecting oil-based steroid.

4. Baldness – The Ugly One!
Male pattern baldness

Baldness is another side effect of androgenic steroids, especially Trenbolone.

Majority of trenbolone users reported alopecia (hair fall) after 1 month of use. This effect was more enhanced in those people who have a history of male-pattern baldness.

So if you got the same history, then you shouldn’t be using Tren.

Yes, it can build your physique in a unique way, but it also gets you bald headed.

5. Tren Dick (Male Impotency)

While the formula inside Trenbolone is so much busy producing muscles in your body, it will ignore the natural testosterone synthesis.

Your natural T-Level are maintained by the body in a very good manner, but combining the steroid-like Tren with your body systems can be whacky.

It will decrease the natural flow of testosterone, which makes you suffer from some of the horrific conditions known to men.

Erectile dysfunction is one of those where your penis does not get an erection.

So if you’ve successfully built your muscles and become well-built, there no chance you can make your lady happy.

Now, Is It Worth the Trouble?

If you are a newcomer to the bodybuilding field, you should not buy Trenbolone for its effects are extremely potent and the side effects are dreadful.

Trenbolone Side effects

But if you have tried any kind of steroid before, know that it’s your choice to pick Trenbolone for its effects and you should be ready for the after effects.

Extreme coughing with baldness and male impotency are the effects which we think can change your mind to use its legal alternative.

Buy Trenbolone

That is where Trenorol comes into action, the legal and safest alternative of Trenbolone which has combined only the natural ingredients.

The formula inside these anabolic steroids like Trenorol works by aiding the natural body process to develop muscle mass, instead of pushing your body under pressure.

You will never experience roid rage again, neither suffer from baldness.

The gains from this legal steroid are perfect, 100% safe and permanent (if you continue doing work out regularly).

One thing more, you don’t need to worry about your dick anymore as it will work just fine with the legal steroid like Trenorol.

There are hundreds of customer reviews who are super-shredded and sexually active now with the help of Crazy Bulk Trenorol.

You don’t have to throw yourself away for something that might kill you for the gains which are now possible with legal steroids.

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