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10 Tips to Increase Strength for Maximum Muscle Gain

Muscularity leads to optimum size.  Have you ever paid attention to the gymnasts what is their core quality?

Why are they able to perform things that are not even imaginable by normal people?

Build Strength For Maximum Muscle Gains

Well, the answer lies in the fact that their bodies are able to resist better than the normal people do.

This quality is not easy to develop but for sure, it is not impossible either to have some strength where you can do as you please.

Therefore, it is a common thing and many people are willing to learn that how to increase strength for maximum muscle gain.

Let us find it out how to increase strength in the right way!

Improvement in strength means improvement in muscle gain

1. Work mainly on Strength

Hypertrophy and strength both use the same tools in the gym, and even most of the movements are the same, but the arrangements, variables, and exercise combinations are quite precise to their actual motive.

strength-building advantage

To get the right muscle gain and strength you need to keep those differences in mind to optimize your gains.

If you do not adhere to one particular goal for a short period of time, you will unintentionally train yourself for both.

Do remember, every workout has a specific design and every single workout is consist of minimum five precise program factors that you can substitute

  • Number of sets
  • Order of exercises
  • Choice of exercises
  • Rest between sets
  • Resistance

These factors can be utilized for your goal of strength building

It is a cardinal thing to observe that the human body’s adaptations to resistance training are different and they mainly depend on what exactly the approach is.

In the area of bodybuilding, after the break (usually 4 to 6 weeks), muscle fibers start adapting in this break period; they grow in size.

However, with the excess strength training, those adaptations are both intracellular and neurological.

Training mainly for strength accentuates you need to have large and quick-twitch fibers of muscles and that needs powerful and influential nerve impulses.

Moreover, it takes less time for neurological adaptations than the muscle hypertrophy change.

Thus, within a few weeks of training, noticeable improvements will be there and you will be in the right direction for the big lifts.

2. Eating right

You are willing to get a ripped body well & good. However, right now your main focus should be working on gaining the right strength.

As you need to pay better attention that how actually you can focus on the strength building.

A meal, which is well balanced and contains carbs and protein are highly probable to support gains in strength.

Amino acids are quite pivotal for protein, the protein works as a building block for muscle gains, and even, it is helpful for strength.

Therefore, taking the right amount of protein indicates that your strength gaining success is for sure.

3. Ameliorate the weight, decrease the reps

weight that falls within 80-90 percent of your one-rep max

The reasonable or balanced-rep sets are crucial when your aiming is muscle size, which directly boosts the volume of the training but to build real strength and toughness, you are bound to train with comparatively heavier weights.

Therefore, you will be doing fewer numbers of reps. The first exercise of every day of training should the main lift.

Start your training day with warm-ups, gradually increase the weight but do not reach the point where muscle failure will occur.

For working weights, select a weight that comes under the category of 80% to 90 % of your one-rep max. this ratio is much heavier than something that would a bodybuilder will use. The total number of reps you should be in the range of 10 to 20.

Hence, you can range your sets in the following manner

The easiest weight in the 4 to 8 rep range or 2 sets of 8

  • 2 to 3 sets of 6
  • 3 to 4 sets of 5
  • The heaviest weight in the 4 to 8 rep range or 3 to 5 sets of 4

If you are following any particular program of strength, over time, you are likely to be utilizing a weight that is over 90 % of your One-rep max, coordinate with a weight you may do for around 4 reps or fewer, remember when training with unusually heavyweight with the sets of just 2 to 4 reps, decrease the total number of reps for the exercise but no more than 10.

Hence, it would look like as the following

  • 3 sets of 3
  • 4 sets of 2

4. Lift with aggression

Speed lifts, such as speed deads; speed bench; and box squats are certainly an amazing lifting style to learn acceleration and strength development.

Loads almost 60% one rep max shall be utilized and moved as quickly as possible.

Catering resistance like chains and bands are likely to be applied to further challenge your capacity to speed the load.

Obvious exercises that should come to mind are the Olympic lifts, such as clean & jerk and the snatch but kettlebell swings and medicine ball throws also come under this group of exercises.

5. Do not be anxious about failure

As a human being, our bodies have a design in which, we are bound to fail whenever we add even one single set.

Consider gymnasts, who use their own body weight

This is the way our DNA is!

Remember when you are training for the development of muscles, your goal should be a breakdown of maximal tissues.  

However, this will not be the case, when you are training for strength.

Train till you fail certainly seems impossible and insane, but it is just restricting your progress back.

Whenever you fail a rep or even just try to go into grinder region, you are actually just redlining your central nervous system.

To put some stress on the importance of it, consider the body as a car.

If you push RPM to the max, the better the engine will start working. Hence, when you opt for heavier weights, it is like pushing the engine into a high RPM.

The engine will remain in the safe zone, but it starts pushing every relevant component harder.

Therefore, tasting the failure is like shoving RPM into the redline. Well, it is definitely a danger zone.

Your Central Nervous System will be adapting to failing and grinding, and even lighter weight will make you experience as you are lifting heavier weights.

If you see it from the scientific angle, a number of times, a tendon (muscle) fails because of a deposit of hydrogen ions and lactate.

Hence, when you are targeting building strength, you should aim to keep the levels of lactic acid low.

Keeping the lactic acid levels low will not affect your every rep and it lets you lift the maximum number of weight possible in every set.

Moreover, if you keep the number of reps lower and lactic acid levels in control, you can carry on your target of gaining strength.

When train for strength, keep one or two rep in the tank. 

6. Plyometric

The other name of plyometric is jumping training includes jump- and hop- kind of exercises that develop and train what we call stretch-shortening cycle.

This cycle is quite good at instructing the human body to utilize the energy sources to its max to generate the contractions in a much stronger and forceful manner.

This betterment in reactive quality can be described by the positive changes in stiffness of tendon muscle.

Weighted plyometric or body-weight exercises/movements can be used like consecutive dumbbell jump squats or continuous body-weight jumps over hurdles.

7. Increase your rest timing

Have you ever wondered why strength athletes take much longer rest between the sets as compared to the bodybuilders?

take rest between exercises

It is mainly due to the fact that heavier weights tend to tax your energy systems more vigorously than the lighter ones.

Jim Stoppani (Ph.D.) suggests in his “Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength” to take longer rest periods between the sets of the core exercise because lifting heavier weights needs energy from anaerobic metabolism ( ATP-PC system or adenosine triphosphate-phosphocreatine).

This pathway of metabolic activity offers quick energy that is necessary for doing explosive moments lifting heavy weights for a short time frame.

This system asks for more than three minutes of rest for the recovery to take place.

On your main lift, take a rest for minimum three to maximum five minutes between the sets.

As you put pressure on your primary lift relevant to your optimum like opting for 80% to 90% of your 1RM, then a longer rest period is mandatory with each set.

For performing assistance exercises and utilizing the lighter weights, the suggestions are as follows

Weight in use Vs Rest

  • 4 to 7 RM 3 to 5 minutes
  • 8 to 10 RM 2 to 3 minutes
  • 11 to 13 RM 1 to 2 minutes
  • Over 13 RM 1 minute

8. Keep it Simple and Straight

Some of the trainers suggest their clients opting for a certain speed in their rep for instance: 3 seconds, 1 second down.

That is actually quite a good strategy for the advanced lifters.

However, for the beginners, do not focus on anything just the numbers of reps during a set.

Simply, just raise or decrease the number of weights in a controllable fashion. Take a pause for a second count at the top of the lift.

Well, random tempo can actually reduce tension on your muscles or let you use different amounts of weights, delaying your progress.

The only possible way to learn that you are making progress is to check whether or not your loads are consecutively in the increase mode.

9. Work on your weak links

You cannot afford to ignore the weak links as no matter how strong you are in some areas, you cannot attain the best till you start working on your weak areas.

squat variations to build muscular legs

The major muscles that perform traditional exercises are basically the prime movers, such as lats; pecs; quadriceps; gluteus maximus; hamstrings, deltoids, etc.

Often enough the weakest region in the case of an athlete is usually behind the scene muscles for example middle & lower trapezius, rotator cuff, abdominals, serratus anterior gluteus medius, etc.

Working with the exercises that can incorporate these muscles will decrease the possibility of muscle imbalances and reduce the risk of injury.

Therefore, the better you work on these muscles, the more stamina you can get to build strength for muscle gain and higher-level improvement in your prime movers.

10. Outsource

If you are willing to be sure about the strength for maximum muscle gain, opt for a reliable supplement like Trenorol (Trenbolone).

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Bottom Line: this is the answer to how to increase strength for maximum muscle gain.

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